Let Me Introduce Myself

I don't really care for the notion of gender binary. That just so out dated. Gender is dynamic and doesn't fall in a neat little package that can be put in two. If you have a vagina, a penis, a combination of both or none at all (or whatever complexity there is) you must have a mind.

Being Pansexual I couldnt care less whats between your legs.

I'm submissive. Its taken a long time to let those guards down to reach that place. Very few can fully get me there. Although my true nature is submissive. Ill Domme to my hearts content. I more a mind Domme but I do have my ways of punishing.

Love, love, love role play. I can get into character so quickly.Im at my playful, cheeky, best when acting out scenes. Its just soo much fun.

My kinks are vast and I don't care what yours are so long as its legal, so test me out with yours.