Fantasy to Reality

EuropianBliss welcomes you to explore the possibilities of everything you could imagine.

What you thought would only be a fantasy can be realised. Your wildest dreams won't even come close to how I can orchestrate what you desire.

EuropianBliiss Fantasies Extreme is unique. There is a consultation process before hand as I need to fully comprehend what you actually desire. It takes trust to open up to someone you have just met . Ill use ever aspect of my sensuality, energy and erotism to help you relax and confide in me.

My knowledge and vast experience in kink and fetish combined with the ease at which people open up to me  allow this niche service  to be possible.

Although  EBFS caters mainly  for sexual fantasies, I understand that not every fantasy is sexual. We are all individuals and have our likes and dislikes and I provide a service for everyone. That includes people who really have no fantasy at all, but need someone they can talk to about feelings they prefer kept away from family and friends.

Although this service is financial in nature.  My reward is making a person happy and knowing I have done the best I can to provide an experience that will give you fond memories for a long time.